F-Client is a client for Teeworlds 0.7 developed by fokkonaut.
Here is a list of the current features:
- Client dummy + dummy hammer and copy moves
- Zoom on DDrace servers and while spectating
- Smooth zoom in ms (cl_smooth_zoom_time) - Eyewheel on DDrace servers
- 64 player scoreboard
- Local time at the top of the scoreboard
- Scoreboard displays teams with colors (new DDNet servers only)
- Spectator selection menu also sorted by teams and shows them in colors
- Spectator selection menu shows dead (paused) players on DDrace
- Chat messages can use team colors cl_chat_team_colors
- Prediction for stopper, speedups and hookthrough
- Ability to swap chat sounds again (client and highlight)
- Gun position can be lowered again
- Admins names are colored in the scoreboard cl_authed_player_color
- Players with same clan as you are colored too cl_same_clan_color
- Client recognition in scoreboard (Gamer Client, ZillyWoods, F-Client)
- Hook collision (can see others on new DDNet servers too)
- Overlay entities for playing
- Setting for not rendering the ninja skin
- ZZZ bubble over tee for AFK tees (new DDNet servers only)
- Removed "Click on a player or flag to follow" message
- Greensward skin pre-installed
- Greyfox2 skin pre-installed
- Client sends own client version to the server
- Own settings file: settings_fclient.cfg
Check out the Controls and F-Client tab in the settings!

Download F-Client version 2.8


Get the source